Monumental Network Talent Showcase Voting

Friday, 02.13.2015 / 07:46 PM

Help decide the DMV's Top Amateur Performer!

We're back ... The Monumental Network Talent Showcase is back to feature the most talented amateur performers in the DMV who will be performing at Wizards home games for the entire 2014-15 season! As before, fan voting will determine the Monumental Network Talent Showcase winner. Performers with the most votes will advance to the next round of competition. Check out the latest performances below and vote for your favorite!*

Time for the Semi-Final rounds, where the winners from the first half of the season will go head to head!

Semi-Final Round 3: Liliani Santiago vs. Praks

Liliani Santiago

Monumental Talent Semi-Final Vote

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Semi-Final Round 2 Winner: Mia & Julia 

Semi-Final Round 1 Winner: Lorin Kayla

Round 5 Winner: Lauren Jones

Round 4 Winner: Raevaughn

Round 3 Winner: Mia & Julia

Round 2 Winner: Marv P.

Round 1 Winner: Lorin Kayla

*Please be aware that the final vote tally for each round may not be reflected in the visible percentages.


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