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Super Bowl 2013: Ravens' John Harbaugh says Jim is 'just trying to soften me up'

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Quotes from Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl between the Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.



(opening statement) "Thank you for being here. I want to thank all the fans for being here, that's a great deal. We're excited to be here. The Baltimore Ravens are fired up. We've had a great trip so far. We've had some football work, but more than anything we're looking forward to getting started on that tomorrow. We're trying to make the most of our day today."

(on his brother Jim Harbaugh saying that John is a better coach) "He's just trying to soften me up. Thank you very much, that's a great question right there. He's just trying to soften me up. I know how he operates, I've heard that before. He's a great coach. I'm proud of Jim, I'm proud of what he's doing. Proud of their accomplishments, I'm very impressed by their team. It's not surprising. It's the same way that he's played and coached or whatever he's done his whole life. That's kind of how that team works."

(on their sibling rivalry) "Do you have a brother? So you understand, right? Anybody who has a brother especially on that's close in age, gets it. You just grow up fighting for everything. You fight for the extra hotdog. You fight for girls. You fight for everything. We both got our girls, but we both want a victory this week. 

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