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Super Bowl Media Day 2013: Joe Flacco

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Quotes from Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl between the Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.



(on disagreeing with the Super Bowl location for next year) "I think it's obvious reasons. They've done it the way they've been doing it for 47 years. There's a lot that goes into this game, more than just playing the game: it's about the fans and it's about the players that played for the right to get there. There are a lot of things that go into it and it's just kind of a crazy decision, I believe."

(on all of the media presence) "You kind of just try to avoid it and ignore it as much as you can, but obviously that's hard to do with all the media hype that surrounds this football game. You kind of just have to take it in and enjoy it and realize that it's a pretty cool situation that you're in."

(on his hometown) "I think a lot of people's personality is shaped from where they are from and what kind of environment they grew up in. It is a very small town, very tight knit group. I think it just makes you proud and I hope we can go out there and represent them well."

(on his high school) "There are a lot of positives. I think you develop a lot of relationships that you're able to take with you throughout time. I think that's what has happened."

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