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Brian MacLellan on 2015 NHL Trade...

Caps senior vice president and general manager Brian MacLellan addresses the media following the ...

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    A McCloughan Stamp of Approval

    The Redskins began their roster reshuffle on Thursday night in the first significant signing of the Scot McCloughan era. Now what does it mean for several staples along the defensive line? Change is coming, and nobody is considered safe. See More: D.C. Hot Read

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    Could "All-Day' A.P. Become a Redskins RB?

    Imagine Adrian Peterson in burgundy-and-gold. That should get you excited. Imagine Adrian Peterson toting the rock for 1,200 plus yards and reapiring his tainted image in the nation's capital. Go ahead, close your eyes. It could happen. But....wil...See More: D.C. Hot Read

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    Bruce Allen Speaks, But.....

    Another day on the roller-coaster ride that will simply never come to a stop. In other words, life inside and around the Washington Redskins. Thursday, was yet another reason why this organization is always in the headlines. Nothing bad, it's just...See More: D.C. Hot Read

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    NFL Combine 2015: Players To Watch

    Some players to watch as the combine rolls on throughout the week.See More: Blogs on Twitter