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Jacob Raim

  • POSITION: Managing Web Developer, Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics
  • BORN: Bethesda, MD
  • EDUCATION: BA from Carleton College, Masters in Sports Management from George Washington University

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Jacob Raim BIO:

Born and raised in Bethesda, MD, Jacob joined Monumental Sports in the fall of 2011 after attending Carleton College where he played on the varsity tennis team, majored in European History and wrote for the sports section of the newspaper.

As the Managing Web Developer for the Wizards and Mystics, Jacob oversees the web sites for both teams in addition to producing digital content for the sites and social media accounts covering games, practices and events.  Jacob is also featured as an analyst for Monumental Network on shows such as Press Row and Monumental Today, on the Washington Wizards Blog and along with Jeremy Hyman, leads the Wizards live chat during all Wizards games.  

After college Jacob had thought of going to law school, but a brief stint as a paralegal destroyed all of that law school ambition.  After a brief foray into the world of coaching tennis and a flirtation with getting a PHD in history, Jacob decided to go to graduate school for sports management at George Washington University.  He got his start on the digital side of sports working for marketing communications company Sports+Plus and digital marketing agency Activ8Social before joining the Wizards and Mystics.

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